Liberty Tana Lawn Collection

This is part one Liberty collection .. I used the wonderful Tana Lawn cottons, even the plains ! its so fine to use, so perfect for drape on Pippa & Dawn

Sweet Summer.jpg

Sweet Summer - Pretty vibrant paisley Pattern with sunshine yellow, vintage lace shawl and matching bag 

Ruby - fab  deep red Paisley print fitted dress with a matching bag and heart necklace  

Custom Fashion for Pippa & Dawn dolls
Enchanted Garden.jpg

Enchanted Garden - sophisticated gown in beautiful lilacs & Blues- a lovely shade of wisteria ! shawl and a small lilac button bag

A Study in Art - Love this black and grey fabric .. i have used black silk ribbon for details .. the shawl is a wonderful rich magenta silk .. and a button bag to bring all colours together

A study in Art.jpg

Margo - A rich green Paisley pattern with gold accent details .. a button bag to match and a green heart necklace 

Watercolours - This is a wonderful print .. it is taken from watercolour designs .. love it ! .. i have three colourways! .. i married it up with golden silk ribbon, a blue silk  ribbon shawl ...and a basket bag ..

Splash of colour.jpg

A Splash of colour - this is same fabric as above , a short dress with pleated skirt .. silk ribbon belt with buckle .. matching jacket and handbag

Wild Flowers - such an amazing print .. so pretty. i added dark green silk ribbon .. i made a shawl from silk chiffon off white & a small button bag to match


teasel - this is again the wild flower print .. short dress with pleated skirt .. heather bodice .. jacket is edged in pink .. cream silk ribbon belt with buckle and a matching bag

Blue Rain - wonderful vibrant blue paisley .. short skirt with blue bodice .. jacket and matching button bag 

Blue Rain.jpg
Flower Heaven.jpg

Flower Heaven - this is a second colour way to the watercolour print fabric .. just so colourful! short dress with pleated skirt and ochre top .. silk ribbon belt with buckle. jacket and bag to match   .

Romantic dreams - wonderful traditional print .. in soft pink and pastel mint green .. silk ribbon belt small buckle . off white silk chiffon shawl and small bag to match 

Romantic dreams.jpg
Fuscia drop.jpg

Fuscia drop - exciting print .. short dress with soft pastel top .. purple silk belt with buckle, jacket and bag to match

Golden - ochre tana lawn cotton pantsuit .. green paisley waistcoat .. black silk ribbon neck tie .. chain belt .. small bag to match

workin gal.jpg

Workin' Gal - claret tana lawn cotton skirt .. top an sleeves in tana lawn paisley . small bag to match

First blush - this is the third colourway of the watercolour print .. a more muted version so pretty.. dusky silk ribbon .. a soft off white silk chiffon shawl  , small bag to match 

First Blush.jpg

Eloise - pretty small print .. gown with lacet braiding  details .. vintage lace shawl pink silk details .. basket bag to match ..

Sophisticat - .. cotton black trousers & top .. long jacket .. with black detailing .. small bag to match

kissin Kate.jpg

Kissin' Kate - super fun blue paisley gown with blue silk ribbon and lacet braid ..detailing .. dolly bag to match .. pretty pearl necklace ..

Posh Bird ! - fab retro stlye liberty fabric  trousers . tana lawn cotton jacket with gold lacet ..small bag to match i am also just adding in some shoes that i have made .. lol first attempts . so just for fun ..

Posh Bird.jpg
Meadow Sweet.jpg

Meadow Sweet - gorgeous print gown ..claret wrap ... small button bag ..

Meadow Sweet - gorgeous print gown ..claret wrap ... small button bag ..

Plum Gorgeous.jpg
Retro Days.jpg

retro days - great fun fabric .. I made a short dress with black bodice ..pleated skirt .. small matching jacket .. and button bag to match 

silky - .. bright paisley print .. top, trousers small dupion silk jacket .. silk  yellow ribbon neck tie .... bag to match 

Smart casual.jpg

smart casual - lovely blue trousers and top .. belt with paisley pattern ..small buckle .. paisley waistcoat .. bag to match and small silver heart necklace

Country Fete - lovely muted floral print .. flared skirt drop waist fitted bodice ..soft taupe/grey details .. vintage lace to top of bodice and shawl ! bag to match 

the country Fete.jpg

Treacle - soft lavender trousers & top .. purple silk belt with buckle .and neck tie .... long sleeveless jacket ..with matching bag